Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 5 Update

Long Overdue post.
Project has been delayed slightly - for weeks 2, 3 and 4 - had to do a roadshow for work, got sick and my grandmother passed away. Not the best time. That being said, I've taken off 3 days from work this week to get back on track. Partial Treatise Draft is due next Friday - may end up handing it in on Monday.
I've hit a bit of a hurdle in that I'm having difficulty finding relevant design patterns to describe collaborative writing tools - it's looking like I may have to develop my own.

Plan of attack for the partial treatise draft:
Picking 2 collaborative writing tools - Google Docs (web-based, professionally developed) and Gobby (installed app, development project). Will try and relate important concepts to collaborative writing (eg 'awareness') to collaborative writing features (eg revision history) and then try and develop design patterns around them. Will use 3 design patterns for the draft to describe these tools and then put all the information in a matrix.
Expanding the draft into the full treatise should therefore only involve picking more tools and developing more design patterns (and of course coming up with more thorough discussions/conclusions).

Hopefully developing my own design patterns isn't going to be too difficult...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Overdue update for week 1.

Project Plan was due last week - preliminary schedule is below.
Week (Mon) - Deliverables and planned activities with basic description.
1 (28/7) - Project Plan due on Fri 1/8. Completed.
2 (4/8) - Research and identify the most important concepts associated with collaborative writing tools.
3 (11/8) - Research design patterns for collaborative systems. Get an overview of what has been documented and pick 2+ main ones to discuss and use in the preliminary matrix.
4 (18/8) - Research products. Get an overview of what’s available and pick 2+ main ones to discuss and use in the preliminary matrix.
5 (25/8) - Form relationships between the chosen products and the chosen design patterns. Build preliminary product-design pattern matrix.
6 (1/9) - Partial Treatise Draft due on Fri 5/9. Write-up partial treatise draft – main focus will be on background information, selected products and design patterns and product-design pattern matrix. Make some minor comments and suggestions for the remainder of the project.
7 (8/9) - Continue research of design patterns. Pick some more relevant ones based on priority.
8 (15/9) - Continue research of tools. Select some more tools so that the selections cover a broad range of products.
9 (22/9) - Associate chosen products with the design patterns they represent and document.
10 (29/9) - Complete product-design pattern matrix.
11 (6/10) - Discussions (this potentially can be pushed to the following week and time shared with conclusions allowing for a “spare” week if required for other activities)
12 (13/10) - Conclusions
13 (20/10) - Write-up treatise.
14 (27/10) - Treatise due on Wed 29/10. Before Wed 29/10 – continue writing treatise and adding finishing touches. After Wed 29/10 – begin identifying key concepts from treatise for the presentation.
15 (3/11) - Prepare presentation.16 (10/11) - Presentation due on Mon 10/11 or Tues 11/11. Practice presentation and deliver presentation.

Topic has changed slightly - it now is being done with a design pattern approach.
Research Question: Is it possible to compare collaborative writing tools using design patterns?

My main concern at this point is how difficult it will be to find relevant design patterns to describe rigorously the collaborative writing tools I will be comparing.

Week 2 goal: Research and identify the most important concepts associated with collaborative writing tools. We need to know these because they will help prioritise the design patterns we find and therefore choose the most important ones. One example concept is "awareness".